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"Amazing unicorn product"

Ploy’s approach to monitoring SaaS usage is nothing short of revolutionary. Their platform offers an extensive suite of tools and features that provide deep insights into our software usage, user behavior, and system performance. With Ploy, we gained a comprehensive understanding of how our SaaS products are being utilized, allowing us to make data-driven decisions and optimize our offerings effectively.

Siggi Sidekick
Siggi Flygenring
IT Administrator @ Sidekick Health

"Game changing Cybersecurity tool for MSPs to offer in their stack"

Integrating Ploy into our operational framework was remarkably seamless. The platform offered us a centralised, clear visibility of our multifaceted IT environment which has been a game-changer for us, providing much-needed peace of mind. Moreover, the responsiveness and support offered by the Ploy team, throughout this process, were beyond our expectations. They've certainly set a new standard when it comes to working with vendors for MSPs.

Tom Viper IT
Tom Ramirez
Managing Director @ Viper IT Solutions

"Higher visibility, automation and scalability for SaaS monitoring"

Ellie Mental Health has had over 300% headcount growth in the past 2 years. Having Ploy enables my team to identify our riskiest SaaS applications seconds after the risk has been identified. This level of visibility, automation and scalability is critical in ensuring we scale securely and continue to protect our customer’s.

Shawn Elliemental health
Shawn Fredrickson
VP of Information Technology