Ploy SaaS management platform with next-gen workflow builder

Identity Access Management on autopilot

A single platform that completely automates your employee onboarding, offboarding and access management processes.

Access management

Automate it all with Ploy

Save hours per week and let Ploy handle it all.

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Instant onboarding

Connect Ploy with your HR system for automatic account setups, ensuring no first-day delays.

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Smart License Allocation

Automatically assign user licenses based on roles, departments, or any criteria you set.

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Simplified Group Management

Effortlessly manage group access with our seamless SAML and SCIM integrations.

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We even support Distribution lists

Automate distribution list memberships, eliminating the need for manual updates.

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Direct integrations

Ploy can also automatically remove and add user accounts as needed via our library of direct integrations.

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Data Synchronization

Ploy let's you sync data between all your systems meaning you don't have waste hours with manual scripts or tools to keep systems up to date.


Workflow builder

Centered around our dynamic workflow builder, Ploy's access management tools are designed to adapt to your unique business needs. Build custom access management workflows or jump-start with our comprehensive template library.

Automatic access management
SaaS workflow management account provisioning

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