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Of data breaches are a result of human error.
Of SaaS accounts are created with email + pwd credentials without the knowledge of security
SaaS applications in use on average for a 250 person company
Shadow IT saas discovered

Complete SaaS Security

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Intrusive OAuth tokens

By leveraging advanced automation and intelligent monitoring, Ploy proactively identifies and flags intrusive OAuth tokens that employees unintentionally grant access to their email, calendar, or file storage systems. Our platform not only identifies these risks but also streamlines the remediation process by efficiently revoking unauthorised access and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

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3rd Party data breach

Ploy has integrated with a data breach monitoring platform. Meaning your able to create workflows that are triggered as soon as a breach has been identified within your supply chain. From there, you can educate you employees to reset passwords, shut down accounts and even have OAuth tokens and access to these applications blocked.

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MFA Bypass

MFA can be something that adds friction to employees when using systems. As a result, there is a real risk of employees disabling MFA for their convenience. Ploy is able to identify when MFA is disabled in certain SaaS applications so you can immediately be alerted of the risk, as well as educate the employee at that exact point in time as to why that is an important security measure.

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Unsecure Account creation

Employees have a tendency to sign up to SaaS applications and then forget about them. What's worse that this, is that 42% of the time they are creating these SaaS accounts with simple email + pwd credentials. Ploy can identify these accounts as well as automatically divert them to use stronger authentication methods such as Single Sign On.

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Educate employees

One of the most challenging parts of managing SaaS security is the volume of application sign-ups and variety of apps within the

Shadow IT SaaS

Complete visibility

Ploy gives complete visibility into employees behaviour and SaaS application account creations. So that you can know exactly what needs offboarding at department, what has intrusive access to data and where your biggest supply chain risks are.

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No deployment needed. Our agentless approach eliminates the hassle of installing, updating, and managing agents, reducing the complexity and operational overhead your team faces.

Agentless setup
Shadow IT automation

Scaleable Automation

Operating at scale has never been easier with Ploy's advanced workflow builder. You can leverage various triggers and actions to have risks remediated without members of the Security team getting involved.

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