Automated SaaS access reviews

Distributed access reviews

Ploy revolutionizes access reviews by eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and manual follow-ups. With its integrated access review feature, you can effortlessly audit all relevant SaaS tools within your organization. Say goodbye to outdated forms and the hassle of chasing responses; Ploy automates the entire process, ensuring comprehensive, efficient and audit-compliant reviews.

SaaS access reviews
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Simple. Compliant.

Save hours every quarter

Access reviews are a collective responsibility, not just the task of a single employee or team. Ploy equips IT teams with powerful tools to engage app owners directly, facilitating compliant and repeatable access reviews company-wide. This collaborative approach ensures thorough and efficient oversight of app permissions

Access Reviews

Access reviews for all your SaaS

Conduct SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant access reviews for all your inscope apps.

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In scope app detection

Based on the applications in your account and the types of data shared, Ploy automatically suggests in scope applications for review.

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Set and forget

Setup your access reviews to be monthly, quarterly or even yearly and have them automatically sent out and completed by app owners.

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Role confirmation

Ploy goes one step further and allows employees to not only audit account access but also roles, ensuring least-privilege principal is followed.

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Double confirmation

Whilst employees and app owners are able to complete access reviews they must still be signed off by your relevant security and IT team members before completion, ensuring compliance.

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Export ready

All our access reviews can be exported at the click of a button, allowing you to deliver them straight to auditors.

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Automatic account removal

If an account is no longer required Ploy will require employees remove unneeded accounts at the point in time, reducing your license costs and account attack surface area.

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